Encompass Medical Group Lab Services

“Providing better care, one test at a time”

Encompass Medical Group provides in-house laboratory testing at our Wornall Campus.  Our laboratory services are certified by COLA and provide basic laboratory testing utilizing state of the art equipment.   Our laboratory is set up to provide rapid turn around for the most commonly ordered testing including chemistry, lipid, hormone and vitamin levels as well as hematological and urinalysis testing.  Our in-house lab allows our providers to receive test results within hours instead of days thereby giving our providers a valuable resource to aid in a more rapid diagnosis and treatment options.  Our laboratory is staffed by certified medical laboratory technologists and medical technicians.  Each technologist has received special training in laboratory procedures as well as trained laboratory assistants that specialize in phlebotomy services.

You may have your blood drawn at your provider’s location for testing performed at the Wornall campus. Keep in mind that although you may be referred to your current location’s draw station, if more convenient you may use any of the Encompass locations.

The laboratory only performs testing on our in-network patients and refers all out-of-network samples to the appropriate reference labs thereby minimizing out of pocket expenses for our patients.  We currently utilize Quest, Labcorp and Boyce and Bynum for all external reference lab testing.