Thank you for your interest in using our telehealth services.  Please call your doctor’s office to request and schedule your telehealth appointment.  Once your telehealth appointment has been scheduled, please review the below information regarding the technical requirements for participating in the telehealth visit as well as useful instructions.  If you have difficulty or need assistance, please call support at 888-666-2352, extension 6652. 

Technical Requirements:

  1. Only one of the following web browsers:  Chrome, Firefox, Safari.  Browsers must be on the most current version to begin a telehealth visit.
  2. The personal computer, laptop or tablet must have video and audio capability. 
  3. Make sure speaker volume is unmuted and at a level sufficient to hear
  4. The patient must have an established and accessible email account.
  5. If doing a virtual visit via your smart phone, taking a call will possibly prevent connection initiating or sustaining.


At the time of your scheduled telehealth visit, you will receive an email invitation to join the consult.  The email will be from “Virtual Care Management”.  NOTE:  be sure to check your Spam/Junk email should you be unable to locate it in your inbox.

  1. If the email has not arrived when you expected, it could be that the doctor is running late.  Please allow some time, while continuing to check & refresh your email inbox.
  2. Click and open the email
  3. Click the green Join Now button
  4. In the spaces provided, type your full name and click “Join”
  5. To prepare for your visit, please make sure you are in a quiet place so you will be able to hear sufficiently

NOTE:  Should you receive a prompt to allow the use of your camera and microphone, click ALLOW.  This is required for entry to the consult room.

  • After joining, you will then be admitted into the virtual consult room with your provider. 

Available features while in the consult room:

  1. “Share” button allows you to share other applications you may have open on your device, with your provider
  2. Video, Mic, Speaker buttons allow you to mute/unmute or pause video as needed
  3. “End Consult” button allows you to exit the consult
  4. “Message” area allows text messaging with the provider, in the event you lose your audio connectivity

Note:  Our platform is HIPAA-secure and there is no ability for your visit to be recorded.