Internal Medicine, or Medicine for Adults

The internal medicine physicians at Encompass Medical Group are skilled in disease prevention and in managing complex disorders of the body. Patients are encouraged to visit their personal internal medicine physician for regular physical examinations, consultations about preventive care, and diagnosis and treatment of most non-surgical illnesses.

Nine subspecialties are recognized within the area of Internal Medicine: Cardiology, the treatment of diseases of the heart and blood vessels; Endocrinology, the study of glands and other structures that secrete hormones; Gastroenterology, the care of conditions of the digestive tract, liver, and pancreas; Hematology, the study of blood and blood-forming tissues; Infectious disease, the study of blood and blood-forming tissues; Nephrology, the diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases; Oncology, the study and treatment of cancerous tumors; Pulmonary disease, concerned with disorders of the lungs and other components of the respiratory system; and Rheumatology, the treatment of disorders involving joints and other connective tissues. An additional subspeciality gaining prominence is Geriatrics, the study of diseases affecting older adults.

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